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I want to talk about that perfect you think everyone wants the first time to be. Your hymen is probably still intact, and your boyfriend may be finding that a little difficult to penetrate. If it worries you, just tell the guy when the right time comes, and he will be able to make it more comfortable for you. If you were using a lubricant, maybe you weren't turned on enough and therefore not fully relaxed? Are social influencers the new celebrity endorsers?

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I want to leave all of you a few more links to look at, with my best wishes, and my hope that all of you, whatever your choices in the past, present or future, feel empowered to seek out what you want and think of yourself and your sex life in ways that make you feel good about yourselves.

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My boyfriend checked my vagina and said I wasn't a virgin - how can I make him believe me?

University of Leeds Replies: However, yes it is normal for virgin girls to feel tighter, especially if they're not used to something there or are expecting some pain. I didn't even realise that I was 'tight' before my first time, as I was always able to use tampons, insert fingers etc. And some men lose their erections while trying — or give up — because they are worried about hurting their partners. None of us come into this life knowing all these is to know, or done with our learning at birth: Business and management Replies:

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