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The wind began to switch the house to pitch And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch Just then the witch, to satisfy and itch Went flying on her broomstick thumbling for a hitch. Solo looks great, luvs the way she rocking her hair Julez need a hair cut though Rih why??? That is what that outfit is giving me. Once a Marine, always a Marine. What a time to be alive! I see it in her eyes.

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I just wanted something more challenging and I stil ended up being a Human Resources Sergeant.

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He can start with a box of playing cards. I hear jail does wonders for your ass muscles with all the clenching and whatnot. For all you boxing fans, you know that Floyd Mayweather Jr. From my ear back my hair has loose,soft and wavy curls and te front looks like matted sheep azz? Monique "The L Word" A photo posted by amandla amandlastenberg on May 3, at 5:

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