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She hated to admit it but she was very turned on at the moment. Thanks to her anger she was able to put aside the fact that her whole body was on fire and a slight breeze could make her come. So she stayed on the back roads and thankfully this time no sudden vibe attacks. So far every time she got to some sort of milestone, something would happen and she'd get some mind blowing orgasm that was coupled with humiliation and some add on to make things worst. Anko looked at the remote.

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Suddenly the weights seemed a hundred times heavier to Anko.

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Anko Mitarashi

Of all the people that she would least want to find out Kurenai was at the top of the list. She started to notice things as she went, how nice it was to feel the wind between her legs or on her nipples, the heat of the sun on her face and chest, the fact that if she looked to her left she could see the whole village staring back at her. With everything that led up to meeting Ayme and the sudden pleasure boost of the vibe she had orgasimed right then and there. Naruto just held her in his arms enjoying the show. One without her coat the slightest breeze felt like a pleasurable fire on her skin and two Naruto looked to be in a daze.

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