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My wife now 42 has increased sexual desires now and at 49 i dont get proper hardness so i have started using cucumbers. Again, a condom might help, but a particularly rough item might rip that, too. A glass bottle with an especially narrow neck is probably the most safe and sanitary option, but there is a small chance that a suction effect could occur or worse, it could potentially break. Im a boy too and I love the corn cob one but I started with my plunger. I just had a baby in January and I used the king sized sharpies and it was amazing. We put condom over it and i hold it between my legs and she rides.

Straddling the hose ridges pure bliss.

31 Common Household Things To Use As A Dildo

Furthermore, baby oil is generally a bad idea for internal use because it contains mineral oil. Besides the realistic kind, there are also more-abstract and fantasy options. Not feasible, and like with veggies, I think the psychological mixing of sex and kitchen things would make my skin crawl. Many people have tried to use a water or soda bottle. If you take a small sheet of bubble wrap cut to the same width as the inside circumference of the tube and slide it into the tube before you put the condom in it, the finished ice dildo will have a dimpled, textured surface. Have any of you girls ever been fisted so deep that a man can use you for ventriloquism?

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