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Yoshi then lets out a small yawn, and then notices that she is totally naked in her bed and someone else is with her. However, before Yoshi could tear into Koyuki some more Megumi interrupted her. Within Takato's bedroom, we find Takato, dressed only in his boxers, lying on his bed as Jeri, who is lying on top of Takato and is completely naked, except for a pair black cat ears on top of her head and is kissing all over Takato's neck, causing him to moan out in pleasure. When school was over Keenan and Kristy went back to her place and when they entered her room, they were confused to see Marcus there, holding what looked like a child's toy blaster, however before either of them could ask any questions, Marcus placed Keenan and Kristy in a highly suggestive state, where Marcus told them they wouldn't find anything strange or different about Yoshi, Rhythm, Rosemon, Megumi or Miki and that it would be a good idea if he moved out, though he did promise he would visit occasionally. Half an hour later Sarah had finished cooking and everyone sat down to eat. I took the Pawnchessmon home around ten, while Miki stayed and continued to party.

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As Marcus and his family continued to embrace each other, Agumon and Biyomon just stood where they were and continued to watch the display of family affection, feeling left out and a little bit saddened, however Marcus interrupted their thoughts.

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Rosemon then got on the bed and crawled her way up to Agumon, before she kissed him deeply on the lips. You can buy anything and we go anywhere you want. Thomas replied, as he handed Kristy a small rectangular card, which Kristy immediately recognized as a credit card. Boss, can you hear me? To Marcus, Yoshi was beautiful, smart and now seeing how she had changed over the last five years she had become an incredibly stunning woman. I have to do one thing.

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