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But, if there was ever a character I was going to do it for, it was this one. Characters are all interesting in their own right, all with their own fun aspects and stories. The DC Super Hero Girls yearbook has a lot of neat info and tidbits, of course these character reveals were amazing and my personal favorites! My two characters, in a way. Log in Sign up. The end of Episode 7, into Episodes 8 and 9.

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Reviews Movie Clips Interviews. They also showed professor June Moon Enchantress as a teacher for art of all things. Such a bizarro world of hyper-violence and sexual gratuity, mixed with some excellent humour. I was already out of high school when their senior year came and I have to say Peter, Deucalion, Theo, Kate and Nolan really redeemed themselves in their own way. Oh boy, one of my favourite television shows in recent years. She would have been the good mother.

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