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Papavramidou N, Tziakas D. This explanation, like all evolutionary postulates, is teleological; however, it does offer some insight into how a maladaptive behavior such as fainting continues to be preserved. Fear, pain, the sight of blood or prolonged standing — think the long lines of summer travel — can trigger fainting. Ms A used this opportunity to uncover aspects of her relationship with her father and his need for her to excel. Following several episodes of fainting, she contacted her physician, who checked a variety of blood tests eg, Chem-7, thyroid function tests, complete blood count [CBC] and referred her to a cardiologist. When a patient stands, there is a sudden drop in mean arterial pressure due to pooling of blood in the lower extremities or a drop in systemic vascular resistance.

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The primary determinant of cerebral perfusion pressure is the mean arterial pressure, which is in turn related to cardiac output and to systemic vascular resistance.

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Soldiers standing guard for long periods in the heat without moving can have excessive gravity-induced pooling of blood in their legs, which can trigger a faint. Passed out drunk teen - watch more of her at sexcams An approach to the patient with cognitive impairment: Initial supportive treatment can be followed by disease-specific interventions. Abnormal heart rhythms that are too slow or too fast can cause a faint. Here are some tips:

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