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Clark of course had a sex drive which was unbelievable, which was why she was unsurprised to find him beginning to get hard again against her thigh. She drew blood as she scraped her nails down Clark's stomach, pleasure jolting through her, making her body seize up, her nerves screaming from the overload of pleasure. Lana pulled at her bound wrists in a tremendous struggle for freedom — if only to scratch the incredible inch that now grew between her glistening legs. All the customers had left some time earlier, leaving Lana all alone to clean up. Her captors simply and cruelly chuckled to themselves, watching her squirm. Looking down Lois then spat a generous amount of spit across Lana's gleaming pussy, which just barely missed the mark.

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She herself had been having her own erotic dreams about the king of plaid.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. He stretched her out just to the point that it wasn't quite painful, achieving maximum pleasure. Not only was her body so incredibly pleasing to the eyes, she was so tight, wet, and hot, that he had trouble retaining his sanity. She was now determined to really go to work on Lana. Straddling her chin, Lana almost stopped breathing with exhilaration and anticipation as she could feel Lois' warm skin directly above her. She could tell she was about to have her most intense orgasm yet, and didn't want it to sap her strength to the point that she couldn't continue riding Clark.

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