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It had inserted itself into the political conversation: But while Facebook and Twitter have taken most of the heat for unwittingly hosting Russian bots and trolls during the election, YouTube arguably did more to swing the vote. I think Daft Punk saw us for the professional choir we are, and saw that our cover was done professionally and, most importantly, that our performers really had something to offer the public. For more information about the ensemble visit the web-site. The US averaged at least 1 deadly mass shooting a month in It is our mission to make our police respected and loved, so that people are not afraid to ask a police officer for help. You know how YouTube queues up videos for you to watch next?

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UN says millions misspent on Africa's biggest refugee crisis.

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Russian police choir gets lucky with YouTube

The ensemble is an organic unit of the Russian Interior Ministry. The year-old Belarussian goes by the name Nastya Rybka and has promoted herself as an expert in seduction in video blogs and a book. Believe it or not, that is also a bribe. That aide was later fired. Click here to find out more. Charges still outstanding after taxi driver dies from 'roundhouse' kick to the head.

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