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There's lots of content and you'll find some exclusive stuff that will shock you for sure. Sheva screamed her pleasure to the ceiling, trying as best she could to work her hips against her lover's rhythm before she simply gave up and allowed Chris to run the show as he worked his body inside of hers as powerfully as he could, gasping harshly as he felt the pressure build to an insane level as Sheva's screams of elation filled his ears. And his beard is teh hawtness. If he could just hold on, her heat had clamped onto him like a vice, she was close to cumming… so very close, he just had to hold on. Him, back inside her. He pushed his hips forward into her, and Sheva gasped, body tensing as he slid himself inside of her, their watery circumstances allowing his hard thickness to slide easily into her on blissfully satisfying inch at a time.

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When he suddenly appeared without a shirt at the end of Resi 5 I nearly wet myself.

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Sexiest male Resident Evil character. Please read this page for more informations. Especially since he's so ready for a very special kind of round two… Smiling to herself, Sheva stood up and pulled off her sweatpants as well, more of her sweet tender flesh being revealed when a thought suddenly occurred to her. And yes I'm a male that loves Wesker's voice: He was almost completely overwhelmed by the sight.

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  1. This is the main reason I fucking hate Adriano sometimes. 40mins for fucking foreplay and 10 mins of fucking?! Seriously man! What the actual fuck?!