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Infertile patients showed significantly lower sperm quality than that observed in fertile men, except for the volume, and than that observed in controls, except for the volume and the immaturity score. However, this is only part of the problem. We compared the different variables in each group with those of the control group 20 fertile individuals. The medical, lifestyle and occupational factors found significantly to modulate the mean percentages of at least two morphological characteristics are presented in Table III. There is presently no clear explanation of this phenomenon. What Is a Normal Sperm Count? We first studied the possible confounding effects of the duration of sexual abstinence at collection and age of the men.

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The uniflagellated sperm cells with one flagellum of animals are referred to as spermatozoaand are known to vary in size.

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Clinical Background of Patients with Sperm in Their Urinary Sediment

Introduction Urinary sedimentation by centrifugal separation followed by a microscopic examination of the components of the sediment is routinely used to evaluate the general condition of urine and to detect kidney and urinary tract diseases in a timely and non-invasive manner. However, the limitations of the present study should also be mentioned. Journal of Cell Science. Published online Sep Sperm morphology in fertile European men:

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multiple internal sperm
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multiple internal sperm
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