Homemade male anal toys

You can find similar designs in sex shops all over the world, and probably for cheaper prices, but Atomic Jock is the company behind those Z-Balls ball-stretching cock rings that were met with rave reviews. Press your vibrator firmly on your balls and work your way up to the tip of your penis. Ridding your body of these toxins also increases lymphocyte production. Now all this talk raises another question in me: Also you could turn it on

Try the Collins Speculum from Kink Industries.

Homemade Anal Toys

Keep masturbating and put your finger back inside. I have been a personal fan of the Raw Dawg for years, and only recently learned that Fort Troff distributes the toy from Perfect Fitone of the most reliable toymakers on the market. Vibrating cock rings can be found at any novelty store or online, and are typically made of soft, rubbery latex or something similar, and have a battery capsule that charges a soft vibration at the base of the penis, close to the prostate — perfect for getting tops revved up. This type of orgasm feels good, but it can actually get better. Because tampons are softer and smaller than most sex toys, this might be a good way to introduce yourself to anal insertion. You could also try another homemade pussy recipe.

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