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Villega, who has escaped. A 35th anniversary OST was issued in with previously never released recording session and alternate takes. The Good, the Bad, and Me. Clint Eastwood was then approached by Leone for the role, but he saw it as just a different take of the same character he had already played in the Dollars Trilogyand he also wanted to end his association with the Italian film industry. Despite the politically charged setting, Duck, You Sucker! Juan is very loyal to his family consisting of his six children, each from a different motherbut he cannot be trusted by anyone else. Leone, who had used his previous films to deconstruct the romanticization of the American Old Westdecided to use Duck, You Sucker!

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As the train is ambushed, John, as a test of Juan's loyalty, lets him choose between shooting the Governor and accepting a bribe from him.

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The expletive coglione a vulgar way to say "testicle" was later removed to avoid censorship issues. We have waited, but we still are waiting! Casting the lead roles of Duck, You Sucker! Leone showed the prints to director of photography Giuseppe Ruzzolini in order to get the lighting and color effects he wanted. However, Rod Steiger owed the studio another movie, and refused the backing unless Steiger was used. In Revolution -torn Mexico, Juan Miranda, a Mexican outlaw leading a bandit family, robs a coach of wealthy men and rapes a female passenger who insulted him. John, Juan and his family end up freeing hundreds of prisoners, causing Juan to become a "great, grand, glorious hero of the revolution.

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