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Asami then sat up and undid her bra, taking off her accessory and exposing her bare breasts to Korra, a good D-sized pair of soft, fleshy mounds. Asami's eyebrow raised up in confusion. One would worry for her, but diets like these were natural for Korra. She had felt this many times while touching herself, but now she felt complete, like Asami and her were going to be joined that night in some weird pact of love and lust. Korra, despite being very spiritual herself, didn't exactly get many of Tenzin's statements, even after all these years. At that moment, Asami walked over to her, her emerald eyes glowing in the setting sunlight.

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Asami blushed at the sensation of Korra's lips on her skin. Korra had seem Asami bare before many times, but she had never let herself be this revealing to her, not even when they went swimming together. She was starting to like this. But Asami always loved her. No one minded, of course.

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  1. Can someone inbox me where is this scene from????? She's been one of the best new black performers for a couple years now, with the most content...but almost ALL of it has been IR . Hope this means a change in that trend. btw

  2. She is in the gym all the time on her instagram.She is leaned out for sure.