Being a girl rocks

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A woman cannot be morally destroyed through an obscene comment about lack of her sexual organ. Having the ability to express yourself with the way you do your make up, hair and the outfits you choose to wear tells a story of your personality. No matter how much of a front these boys put up, they know women rule their world. Guys will never get the relief we feel from retail therapy. Free drinks, free dinners, free movies… you get the point. Taxis stop for us.

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Spirit Posted January 11,

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8 reasons why being a bad girl rocks

The perfect Bad Girl, Madge has always been too busy getting on with doing whatever the hell she wants whilst leaving her critics to froth in the background. Want to make your man better in bed? Women are given rings and earrings, pendants and bracelets, gold and diamonds. It could be wishful thinking, and I know that women are still fighting for equality, but what if we stopped trying to be the same as men? Taxis stop for us.

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being a girl rocks
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being a girl rocks
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3 thoughts on “Being a girl rocks

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  2. nope, i take my message to my fellow perverts "we the only ones that count anyways" because i have tried talking to these directors via their forums, they too damn selfish to see where they are weak and lame on.