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Without healthy menstrual cycles, cleanliness and properly managing periods women can risk infections that cause infertility. Taboos and Myths associated with women health among rural and urban adolescent girls in Punjab. Introduction Menstruation is the natural part of the reproductive cycle in which blood from the uterus exits through the vagina. Retrieved 11 March None of them would have made my first periods any less painful. Several countries in Asia, like South Korea, China, Japan, and Indonesia have laws providing women sick leave during their period.

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Feminists such as Chella Quint have spoken against the use of shaming in advertising for feminine hygiene products.

Why Chinese women don't use tampons

In South India, girls who experience their menstrual period for the first time are given presents and celebrations to mark the occasion. The tradition prohibits Hindu women and girls from participating in normal family activities while menstruating, as they are considered "impure". Yes, every woman experiences menstrual cycles differently, but only 20 percent of women report severe pain during periods. By contrast, most modern women have periods. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Not a single person I know uses them. Else, the problem may be treated for a while but it would continue to recur with increasing severity.

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