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Police searched Lampbert's phone and found her pictures, and also a file of 16 pictures of another unidentified female, according to a police investigation report. She wondered how many people had seen the photos. You underestimate what privacy really is until it's presented to you in a negative way, which this is. He told her had gone to the store to get his phone fixed, she said. When the new phone was ready, Ed wasn't working, so he told her to see Stuart.

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He told her about the lingerie, the heels she was wearing, the color of her comforter and the ribbons on the wall of her bedroom.

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On that day when the news crews came, when customers and restaurant employees were talking about the investigation, A. People were bashing me. Wouldn't that fall under the category of things they shouldn't have to tell their employees? But the relationship died anyway, and they had broken up by the time she went to the cellphone store. I should not have to think twice about that. They're young guys, and they're going to see that kind of stuff and they're likely to do that. The store kept her old phone, and she trusted the contents had been wiped.

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