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Like a friend giving you a face mask or braiding your hair, your dog is showing his love by caring for your skin and hair — the skin and hair on your feet, that is. Ali specializes in material culture, Sufism, and intellectual history. If an older cat who's never shown such affection suddenly begins licking you or suckling at your clothing, pay close attention to this change in behavior. The behavior may not even be feet-specific at all. These images are from a treatise used for divination.

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What does it mean when your cat licks you?

Spritz your arms or hand with lemon juice, an immediate feline turn-off. Help soothe Kitty by examining her skin and fur for problems, and ask your vet to recommend the right treatment. Most likely, the last time your dog licked your toes it produced some sort of reaction, and he feels encouraged to continue this behavior next time he craves a scratch behind the ear. Cats that start vigorously licking themselves may be seeking relief from a skin irritation, fleas, an insect bite or an infection. Elizabeth Stelowchief of animal behavior services at the University of California, Davis. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit. She figures, who wouldn't enjoy being petted and assured of affection?

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between lick toe
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between lick toe
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