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Shantae, Sky and Rotty get sent across dimensions. Join Mario on his quest to rescue the remaining 6 Start Spirits before Peach's mind breaks. At least Daisy is prepared for this kind of situation. This will be the first of a few, or many, chapters of what happens when a Boo happens to meet a sleeping Princess Peach Meanwhile, Princess Peach and Princess Daisy notice a giant warp hole spit out the three Sequin Land heroines and beauties.

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It is a little known fact that Super Leaves are natural aphrodisiacs.

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Now, armed with a new plan, Bowser will ensure that he defeats Mario and makes Princess Peach his own. Now, alongside seven other characters from five other franchises, Samus Aran -- stripped down to her zero suit -- is introduced to this new Princess Peach's big tea party had some unexpected snubs! After making sure they are alright, the princesses and the heroines quickly connect and decide to have a slumber party. She enjoys nothing more than abusing and humiliating her dozens of crossdressing maid servants, subjecting them to whatever kinky fantasies she can imagine. He just needs to make sure that when the plumber comes to save the day, the Princess doesn't WANT to be rescued. Of course, then Pauline tells Peach all about what she does for fun around here

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princess peach henti sex storys
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princess peach henti sex storys
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