Cheap strip lighting

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I've made four different versions of the cheaper pick, and am still very happy, but your mileage may vary. If the form factor of the board is different it is only a matter to find the right connections for the programmer, basically if they use the ESP they are all the same stuff. I have one under my couch for ambient light. Link to MagicHome flashing page: Expensive, quick, overkill Skill level:

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The new controller, compared with the other one, has an additional connector hole to match the LED strip.

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LED Tape Lights

I got a H led controller very similar hardwareflashed with Tasmota and never failed a single command in over 1 month. Our community is members strong, and together we're supporting a better way. That's all folks These are the three working options I've come across, and I'm pretty happy with the Gledopto setup as well as Kees' IKEA hack after a month or so running it everyday. This had me wondering: If your LED roll came with a connector on the end it should, if you order from the above linkall you need to do is cut off the plastic port, strip the wires, and push them into the corresponding labelled hole on the controller while holding a screwdriver in the holes on top. I am good at electronics and like soldering things Time:

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cheap strip lighting
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cheap strip lighting
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