American fluorescent t5 strip lighting

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Temperature Considerations One result of enclosing a smaller lamp with a relatively high output in a smaller fixture is heat and lots of it. T5 and T5HO fluorescent high bay fixtures and other T5-based specialty lights are built around a linear fluorescent tube lamp. Five-stage iron-phosphate pretreatment ensures superior paint adhesion and rust resistance. The standard T5 lamp was developed in Europe and then introduced to the North American market in A number of T5HO ballasts have features, in addition to a dimming function.

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Patented-pending three-point row connector locks channels together for straighter and faster rows mounting; included as standard.

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What Are T5 and T5HO High Bay Lights?

While some lighting designers began specifying the T5 luminaries immediately for various applications, market penetration wasn't great; one reason being that both the lamp and ballast were, and still are, more expensive than T8 systems. It's easy to see that both the T5 and T5HO lamps have increasing uses in both office and industrial applications. Additionally, the vast majority of ballast manufacturers only provide programmed start ballasts for T5 fixtures. Channel offers the gripper back feature which strengthens the overall construction and allows for the use of the Z spring hanger see back. Thus, in indirect luminaries, where there is little or no air circulation, the T5HO lamp can have a higher lumens-per-Watt efficacy than a T8 lamp of about the same wattage because of this thermal characteristic.

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american fluorescent t5 strip lighting
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american fluorescent t5 strip lighting
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