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Skinny Chinese harlot sucks off and rides a horny guy. The fiction of diasporic Singaporeans as well as of ethnic Chinese Malaysians living in diasporas elsewhere at once depends and builds on this twofold policing of multiplicity - a linguistic multiplicity that finds outlets in more easily externalised and marketed diversity. Toilet Voyeur Arab Malaysian Asian. It reduces a unique culture to its cuisine and only foregrounds the stories of its women by typecasting them as embodiments of consumable products. Memoirs of a Nyonya Feminist. Amateur Malaysian couple make a POV porn video at home. Disciplining Difference in Singapore.

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The "dilution" that Peranakans - and of course usefully emblematic Nyonya dishes - epitomise is shown to be considered a threat to neat ethnic categorisations. Sexy Chinese harlot in nylon enjoys dicking hard in bed. Peranakans incorporate Malay customs, language, cuisine and mode of dressing into our culture though we retain Chinese names, religion and New Year. As in the case of rojaka local dish made up of neatly blended, disparate ingredients, chopped up almost beyond recognition, the international reader is left to guess what most of them might be. The thriving English-language fiction of Singapore and, to a slightly lesser extent, of Malaysia, both former British colonies that employ English as more than just a working language, has thus recently been advertised in the introduction to an anthology as the output of prolific "multi-societies":

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