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No story line, but it is still fun. Though like an "R" rated movie, you can probably imagine scenarios in which younger kids gain access. Here an example vid or two http: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Lol I just found out about the new hot coffee mod and it's definitely a step up from the s-lab mod.

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Games from other publishers, like Sony's "God of War 3," have pushed sexual content even further in recent years, as you can see in this NSFW clip. The GTA series is not alone when it comes to controversial content. Already have an account? Following significant backlash to the scenes, Rockstar blamed the so-called "Hot Coffee" mod on hackers who altered the game's code. San Andreas" was slapped with a rare "Adults Only" tag from the Entertainment Software Rating Board after it was revealed that the game's code apparently contained an unused sex mini-game. Here an example vid or two. Shortly after Tuesday release of the game, pop culture critic Anita Sarkeesian, known for her feminist critiques of video games, tweeted that she was already being harassed by people who were tweeting graphic images from the game at her.

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