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I can understand kids digging but this is ridiculous. Looking for a list of all updated pet friendly. The saying "Take only pictures, and leave only footprints" is even more inportant now with all that is happening on our beaches. So I guess my point is kids are going to be kids and we can't take the fun out of digging holes but as parents be also need to teach our children to be responible and fill them in. I didn't realize that the 1 cause of emergency room trips in PCB was because of sand hole falls.

I wouldn't have thought much about this but I saw an episode of 60 minutes or one of those shows where they covered the big holes on the beach and there have actually been kids who dug really deep holes like that and were inside the hole playing when a side of it collasped and they smothered before anybody could get them out.

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I can understand kids digging but this is ridiculous. I noticed this on other beaches, and it is dangerous. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. See all Panama City Beach resources Provided by: I have seen holes about 10 feet in diameter and about 4 feet deep. All hotels in Panama City Beach Not only could someone break a leg, but sea turtles are very endangered as is, and the oil situation is causing even more concern.

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