Correct facial asymmetry

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Transconjuctival eyelid surgery for treating asymmetric fat-herniation eyebags. So why are our faces uneven, or asymmetrical? Asymmetry of dental origin alone does not usually lead to facial disharmony, but it might occasionally provide asymmetrical support to the tissues of the lip or affect smile harmony. Sometimes this is uneven and there is more gum visible on one side versus the other. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; How to cite this article: Therefore, more severe cases presenting significant asymmetrical occlusion can be corrected by means of routine orthodontic techniques.

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Posteroanterior cephalometric superimposition Click here to view.

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Treatment for Facial Asymmetry

A radiation dose evaluation. Therefore, deviation of the lower face is more frequent and greater in length than that of the upper and midface. Nonsurgical correction of facial asymmetry and occlusal plane cant in a nongrowing female: What side of the car you are driving on determines what side of your face will be the worst affected, therefore in Ireland the right side of your face will be the one that suffers the most. In the literature, a number of causal factors have been highlighted in the development of facial asymmetries. Pre Treatment PA cephalogram Click here to view.

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correct facial asymmetry
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correct facial asymmetry
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