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And is it a hard limit or more of a "I hate this even though I have an enjoyable physical response, so I don't really hate it"? I've never been big into slapping anything, but my SO and I both enjoy anal stimulation. Rough amateur tramp on a cam show 4: People against feminism never know what it actually means. But my wife stays out of it. Personally, the dominance of a man is a turn on.

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On the psychological level i kinda like it because of how authoritative he comes off and like hes really into it On the physical level its like a good kind of pain.

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I like it because it's dominant behavior. I like to be dominated and getting slapped on the butt feels like she really wants to fuck me hard. He's 6'-3" and build lile a football player. I think there are two different things going on for me. Sometimes he slaps me till I orgasm. My current so was the first to do it to me and when i asked him why thisnis ehat he said. But she also likes having her ass slapped, it's really interesting how so many women like it.

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