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The novel, film and now the musical are far-fetched satires of America during the s: I should have left it more open ended. He opens it, revealing a number of sharp metal items. Many characters, especially the main character, drink alcohol frequently, as well as smoke cigarettes and cigars, snort cocaine, and take pills. It could've gotten us in a lot of trouble.

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What does this movie say about the male body image?

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American Psycho's morning ritual: would Patrick Bateman’s routine work today?

Catheywho is stabbed to death by Patrick Bateman Christian Bale. Although Bateman obviously works in mergers and acquisitions, the specifics of his job are purposely kept something of a mystery in both the novel and the film. On a more analytical level, videotapes could also function as something of a status symbol Bateman is so rich and cool, he can rent huge amounts of videotapes whenever he wants, and most nights, that's exactly what he does. The arc that the character has had from the beginning to the end of the movie is that he has become acutely aware of what it is, and he can articulate it to himself; he's in pain and he wants to inflict that pain on everyone, he feels nothing, he doesn't care that people are in pain. It's almost like we watch Patrick Bateman go from his normal life.

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