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If this kept up, their pants would end up a sticky mess, and as nice as release would be, Soul could think of a way to make it even shaky legs he stood from the bed, quickly shucking off his pants, boxers and socks. He wasn't stupid; he could figure out what was going on from that conversation he had overhead her having with Liz. I need your help with something. This was what Soul had been worried about other people seeing. Maka wadded the towel up into a ball and tossed it into a corner, her eyes refusing to meet his as she fiddled with the strip of cloth hanging at her waist, feeling suddenly exposed. As her eyes drifted shut, she resolved to make up these past few weeks to him. Soul's vision went red; he didn't care that it was just a joke and didn't mean anything, that even Tsubaki was laughing at their antics.

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He would prefer to get some hands on experience with a smaller pair of tits, tits that were firm and bouncy and looked like they would fit in his hands perfectly.

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But I say fourteen and up. It can't be the skirt, 'cause there's barely enough room for my di-". Had she touched him too intimately? Good, she was in a good mood. Hers wouldn't be the only ego that took a beating.

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