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Security arrives just as the Duel is about to end, forcing them to stop the Duel and leave. GX manga, Alexis is the same in terms of ranking, strength, and motivation. Alexis decides to use the situation to test Jaden's Dueling skills by holding Syrus captive unless he agreed to Duel her. Alexis Rhodes World Championship. Chazz soon beat Blair, though Alexis commented on how close she was to winning and how much she had improved. They have this kind of eyes, with their respective eye colors:

Alexis joins Atticus, Jaden, Chazz, Bastion, Jim, Axel, Hassleberry and Syrus in finding him by going through a dimensional warp, but are transported to a different dimension than before this time.

Alexis Rhodes

Since they are not naked, Alexis's left hand is under Tea's shorts, fingering her. She became extremely rude, arrogant and insulting towards Jaden and the others, and she uses more sarcastic comments. Alexis' interest in Jaden is shown more explicitly in the English version; in the original, Asuka never shows romantic interest towards anyone, which leads to her brother's repeated attempts to get her to notice someone. In episode when she's seen thinking about him, and more strongly indicated in the next episode on two occasions. In Season 1 Episode 2, she told Jaden that Chazz was a jerk. Naruto is fucking Tea Gardner and Alexis Rhodes like this:

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